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SEZ Haut-Katanga: Flahaut reassures Paluku of the availability of Belgian expertise

The Belgian Minister of State, André Flahaut, reassured the boss of Congolese Industry, Julien Paluku on Monday of the support of Belgian experts in the installation of Special Economic Zones in Haut-Katanga.

Congolese Minister of Industry, Julien Paluku (right) poses with the Minister of State of Belgium (left) after their meeting on the support of Belgian experts in the implementation of Special Economic Zones in the DRC @PhotoThird party rights

The two high personalities expressed the desire to give a new dynamic to the direct contact between the Congolese State and Belgian companies. According to the Honorary President of the Belgian Federal Parliament, his country will also intervene in the installation of the pilot plant of electric batteries in the copper province.

"My visit here is part of the activities that have taken place in recent times in terms of history, memory (…). The wish expressed by the Congolese and Belgian authorities to revitalize and reboost our partnerships in the economic field and by industry (…). That's all that we talked about, also the special economic zones of future-oriented sectors, in particular the electric car factory (…) Above all, it was an opportunity for me to find someone I know. already because he was governor of North Kivu. The other round is that there will be direct contact with Belgian companies (…)”, he commented to the press.

Kinshasa and Brussels want to do something concrete, so go beyond talking to take action.As part of the consolidation of this partnership, the Congolese Minister of Industry must go to Brussels for direct contacts with Belgian companies.

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