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Aggression: foreign armies have been coming to the DRC for 20 years (Olivier Kamitatu)

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

The DRC needs a clear line, a strong army.And that diplomacy engages in a real dialogue with the neighbours.The words of Olivier Kamitatu Etsu, spokesperson for Moïse Katumbi Chapwe are unequivocal.

Olivier Kamitatu s'exprimant sur la guerre dans l'est de la RDC avec le retour du M23 soutenu par le Rwanda. Le bras droit de Katumbi rappelle que la solution, c'est avoir une armée forte, dissuasive, bien équipée et bien encadrée @Photo Droits tiers

“We recently saw President Tshisekedi sitting next to President Paul Kagame. And together they signed a statement. I have not heard anywhere the qualifier of aggressor country. I also did not hear the M23 qualified as the terrorist group. There is a symptom of paranoia in our Congolese diplomacy. On one side, we cry wolf, on the other side, we want to discuss. There has to be a clear line. And the population needs this clear line”, decided Olivier Kamitatu, senior executive of the political party Together for the Republic, on Saturday, June 25, 2022 on TV 5. The authorized mouth of Katumbi is surprised by the dichotomous perception of the Congolese diplomacy which, on the one hand, points to Rwanda's evil, and on the other, cherishes friendly and confused relations with the aggressor country.

A strong army

The former President of the National Assembly recalls that Moïse Katumbi has already mentioned it during one of his tours in Bunia. The Democratic Republic of Congo, as a nation, needs a strong army that ensures the security of our borders: "I think that, as far as we are concerned, Moïse Katumbi considers that the country needs the army to be strong. Let her do her job. At the same time, diplomacy must engage in real dialogue with all our neighbours,” he said.

His interview on French television TV5, was of deep intelligence and great communication rationality. For him, it is necessary to trace to the Republic a clear line for its defense and its diplomacy. 20 years of disorder at our borders, we must dialogue with neighboring States Insisting on the dialogue between the DRC and its neighbours, Kamitatu who thus delivered to the public the point of view of Moïse Katumbi Chapwe, maintains that the foreign armies enter without appointment and without authorization on Congolese soil.

“Foreign armies have been coming for 20 years. They come, they go.

They come back. Sometimes we invite them, sometimes we don't. The solution is a well-equipped, well-supervised national army. Moïse Katumbi said so in 2019 while visiting the camps for internally displaced people in Bunia. He had said: “let us give the means to the Congolese army to assume its functions. Because we have confidence in our army, in our officers,” he insisted. In a firm tone, Kamitatu tackled the xenophobic campaign launched by twisted minds and the stigmatization of Rwandophones. These anti-values ​​which, like the Congolese law, tarnish the luster of our democracy and frustrate citizens.

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