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Congo TV

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one the richest soil and mineral country in the world, the second world forest reserve but the most unknown country. Located in center part of Africa, second biggest country in Africa with over 105 millions people, housing the second largest river in Africa, DRC should be leading the development progression of the continent but ... no.

The idea of this TV channel is to showcase the Democratic Republic of Congo, the people, the culture and the way more.

Our Headquarter is located in Atlanta GA from where we collaborate with any organization interested in promoting African culture and business. Studio ATL is a service offered by Yata Llc.
Head office: 235 Peachtree Street NE Suite 400, Atlanta GA, USA
Operation office: 2302 Parklake Dr NE, Atlanta GA 30345, USA
TEL: +(1)404-855-6000

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